The role of content strategy for a Brand

Branded content has been playing a big role in content marketing. The key to success for your business depends on the quality of the content you choose to promote your business.

Big market players have now become a believer of branded content but not all of them are good at it, which is why they use a content marketing agency.

A Recent study with 4000 Forbes company had suggested that brand remembrance in case of branded content is 59 points higher than usual content and 14% of the consumers will seek for more content once exposed to branded content.

Here are some reasons why branded content has a significant impact in influencing audiences.

Branded content goes viral: An article from a fashion brand “What gives you a smart look” will be a type of a content that youngsters would like and will incline towards that brand at the time of purchase. When people find something interesting they share it with their friends and in some way they act as the brand ambassador for that brand. It is quite common now in our social media-driven world, information gets circulated via, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and you must have realised how frequent good content gets floated. It is crucial for businesses to consider branded content in the content marketing as a key strategy to their business plan.


The perfect compliment to display Ads: While display Ads still remain as an effective advertising medium, but when integrated with rich content, it leads to higher chances of success. Consumer perceive branded content as more customer centric.

Attract readers interest: Branded content is about connecting with your customer. It’s all about storytelling and linking it to their need. A newborn’s mother will probably be interested to find out more about the safety tips and tricks from other experienced mums. Baby brands that produce products like diaper are coming up with such content for the new mums and positioning them as a caring company or a brand.

Branded content, when integrated with well-rounded content strategy and directed properly to the audience, could turn them to potential customers.